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                    DINNER MENU
Acili Ezme (chili dip)        $9.50
Chili, onion, tomato, capsicum and garlic
Humus                                $9.50
Chick pea, tahina, garlic, cumin and lemon
Havuc Tarator                   $9.50
Carrot cooked with olive oil, strained yogurt and garlic
Babaganoush                   $10.00
Smoked eggplant dip with garlic yogurt and herbs
Beetroot Dip                      $9.50
Beetroot, garlic, yogurt, tahina and herbs
Saksuka                              $9.50
Fried eggplant, zucchini, onion, capsicum, potato, tomato concase and garlic yogurt sauce
Dips Plate                           $22.00
(Humus, babaganoush , carrot dip , beetroot)
Vine Leaves                 $10.00
Fresh vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs, peanuts and olive oil lemon dressing
Mucver                          $11.00
Fried zucchini, fritters with carrot, dill, shallots , parsley
Pacanga Borek          $12.50
Turkish pastrami, cheese, in rolled and crumbed pastry with pomegranate sauce
Lamb Ribs                   $14.50
Marinated lamb ribs with garlic sauce
Icli Kofte                      $12.00
Traditional lamb and cracked wheat kofte stuffed with herbed mince yogurt and butter sauce
Sigara Boregi            $11.00
Fried pastries filled with cheese and parsley
Halloumi Salad                                        $14.00 
 Grilled halloumi cheese, mix lettuce, walnut, tomato, cucumber, carrot and pomegranate dressing 
Coban Salata   (shepherd salad)        $11.00
Chopped tomato, cucumber, capsicum, onion, parsley, with our traditional pomegranate dressing
Roasted Lamb                        $25 .00
Roasted lamb served with eggplant pure and pomegranate demi-glace sauce
Moroccan Lamb Shank        $26.00
Slowly cooked lamb shank served with vegetable graten and Moroccan lamb sauce
Iskender Kebab                      $22.00
Doner meat on the diced Turkish bread served with traditional iskender sauce and garlic yogurt
Fish of the Day                        $ ----
Grilled salmon fillet served with artichoke
Vegetarian Plate                    $22.00
Roasted tomatoes, artichokes, vege graten , mucver
Lamb Shish                            $26.00
Char grilled lamb back strap with Mengen pilaf roasted tomatoes warm humus and garlic sauce
Chicken Shish                       $24.00
Char grilled chicken fillets with vegetable graten roasted tomato and garlic sauce
Mixed Grill Plate                    $29.00
Char grilled chicken, lamb , meat balls and lamb ribs served with Mengen pilaf mix salad and garlic sauce

               BREADS & SOUP
Soup of the Day                           $9.00
Cheese and Garlic Bread          $5.50
Extra Bread                                   $3.00
                TURKISH PIDE
Kiymali pide                          $18.00
Tomato, onion, banana capsicum, parsley, beef mince and herb
Kusbasili pide                      $18.00
Diced lamb meat, tomato, onion, parsley, banana capsicum and herbs
Sucuklu pide                        $16.00
Turkish sausage, mix cheese and eggs
Pastirmali pide                     $16.00
Turkish pastrami, mix cheese and eggs
Eggplant pide                      $16.00
Onion, capsicum, parsley garlic eggplant and mix cheese
Potato pide                           $16.00
Onion, parsley, capsicum, mix cheese and eggs
Spinach pide                        $15.00
Spinach, onion, tomato and mix cheese
Mix pide                                 $18.00
Turkish sausage, pastrami, spinach, mushroom, mix cheese and eggs
Chicken supreme               $16.00
Chicken, cheese, spinach, mushroom
Vegetarian                            $16.00
Spinach, mushroom, capsicum, tomato, onion and cheese
Vegi Supreme                      $17.00
Spinach, capsicum, artichoke, onion, mushroom, eggplant, sundried tomato and cheese
Margherita         M $13.00    L $15.00
    Tomato, garlic and oregano
Pepperoni M $15.00    L $19.00
    Pepperoni, mushroom and olives
Hawaiian M $15.00    L $18.00
   Tomato base, ham and pineapple
Mexicana M $15.00    L $19.00
    Pepperoni, onion, capsicum, olives and crushes chili
Vegetarian         M $15.00    L $17.00
    Tomato, capsicum, onion and mushroom
Supreme M $17.00    L $21.00
    Ham, pepperoni, capsicum, olives, tomato, mushroom, pineapple and onion
BBQ Chicken M $16.00    L $20.00
    Tomato, capsicum, onion, mushroom and bbq sauce
Meat Lovers         M $16.00    L $20.00
    Ham, pepperoni, chicken, onion and bbq sauce
Mengen Sofrasi Special Pizza        M $17.00    L $21.00
    Mushroom, tomato, onion, capsicum, Turkish sausage and olives

            GOURMET PIZZA

King Prawn              M $17.00    L $21.00
   Tomato, prawn, garlic and pesto
Marinara      M $17.00    L $21.00
   Prawns, calamari, salmon, tuna, mussels, octopus, garlic, herbs and basil
Eggplant        M $15.00    L $19.00
   Eggplant, onion, garlic, capsicum and cheese
The Glebe     M $16.00    L $20.00
    Sundried tomato, eggplant, capsicum, artichoke, onion, pineapple and cheese
Mediterranean Lamb Pizza M $18.00   L $22.00
    Lamb , onion olives, cheese and garlic sauce

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